Friday, July 27, 2018

The Girl Who Smiled Beads - Clemantine Wamariya

Clemantine Wamariya is just 6 when  with her older sister Claire she is separated  from her family in war torn Rawanda, and for the next six years, they manage to survive through staying with family, sleeping rough and staying in refugee camps.  It is pretty hard to imagine how two young girls were able to survive such hardships, with no money or contact with their family.

We also get to hear of how six years later and being able to immigrate to the US, Clemantine is able to start her schooling and head off to University after arriving with limited English and no early schooling as a child.  You have to admire her determination to succeed and do well for so well for herself. 3/5


John Bellen said...

They must have found their relatives - or at least some of them - to be able to emigrate at just twelve. A semi-happy ending, despite the devastation they must have lived through.

sallyhicks said...

What a great title. How ghastly war is. I recommend a DVD Nothing left unsaid. True story about Gloria Vanderbilt and her son Cooper Anderson whom I watch as anchor on cnn. Gloria is now 92 and looks and sounds so beautiful, wistful and sad in spite of her being an heiress in the ‘20s and the richest person in the world at that time. I adore Cooper. He is gay and possibly that is what gives him that special gentleness apart from being a a war correspondent. They talk so beautifully together.She is the jean designer, painter and still paints all day.

sallyhicks said...

I got confused . That should have read Anderson Cooper.