Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Mummy

Saturday night was a stormy wintry night here, with pouring rain outside and the 20 somethings next door adding to the noise by having a bit of a party.  So I was glad to settle down after dinner and watch a movie.  I had seen the previews of this several times while watching several other movies, and am a bit of a sucker for a bit of Egyptian storyline.

Look there was nothing much original in this one, its a story we all know about a mummy coming back to haunt and cause havoc.  Tom Cruise does a good job of running and jumping, but I wonder if he is getting a bit too old to play a convincing action hero.  A big part of me dislikes that a 50ish actor has to then have a love interest who is 20 years his junior, and young enough to be his daughter.

This is a bit of a revamp of a movie, which tries to incorporate their new franchise with a Dr Jekyll character played by Russell Crowe which was a bit distracting and didn't made me interested in following the series.  3/5

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John Bellen said...

I thought this a strange genre for Cruise to get into, but I suppose it would be more of an action film with him in it. It couldn't be as bad as the Brendan Fraser films.