Saturday, January 12, 2019

Middle Aged Lady Movie Night - Tag

Couch, candles, burger and vanilla milkshake - check, check, check.  It never occurs to me that it is a sad Saturday night, staying home alone.   I am happy after a day out being buy to come home and relax. 

Well the thing that makes me happiest about this movie is that I only paid 99c for this middle aged film fest.  Based on a true group of friends who have spent decades playing a game of tag that has carried on from their childhood, we have a group of middle aged actors being forced to run and jump as they chase their mates all over the place.  It felt a bit forced to me, like lots of action sequences strung together by bits of dialogue.  The actresses all felt like they were there to fill in the lady quota.  Still I give it a couple of points for having Jon Hamm doing a bit of furrowed brow action.  3/5

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John Bellen said...

My Saturday nights are the same, alone with a movie. But I look forward to them as I do no other part of my week.