Saturday, January 07, 2012


Limitless (2011)

Saturday night and it is home alone on the couch for me.  I picked out a couple of DVDs from the library this week  as a treat and thought I would have movie night on Sat/Sun - how old school.  I guess I'm a bit snobbish about the movies I see at the cinema, and seldom go in for the blockbuster, big name movies that often.  2012 too should be the year of thriftiness (easy to say in January), so breaking out a big $4 per movie  in reality lets me see four for the price of one cinema ticket.

So Bradley Cooper starts the movie as a scruffy rough writer struggling along, til he encounters his ex brother-in-law who gives him a pill that allows him to use the unutilised 80% of his brain power, allowing him to learn new skills like never before.  Oh and bad guys chase him around too.

So it was an interesting premise, filmed in a fast paced way, Abbie Cornish was pretty, Bradley scrubbed up well, that holiday home was amazing and Drugs are bad - kids stay away, and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.  4/5

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