Friday, January 27, 2012

Then Again - Diane Keaton

 Then Again - Diane Keaton (2011)

It is always nice to read a memoir that has something to say, and Diane Keaton has a fair few interesting tales to tell.  Growing up as the eldest child she had to deal with being the awkward one, followed by a quiet younger brother and two beautiful sisters.

We get to hear about her acting jobs and love life.  I loved to hear that Warren Beatty was odd, but old Woody Allen does sound a bit odd, and a slightly unusual relationship between the two of them.

Throughout the book, Diane shares her mothers stories too, from journals that she wrote through her life.  It was touching to hear about looking after both her parents as they got older, and the decision to become a single mother in her fifties.

She comes across as someone witty and intelligent that would be good at the dinner table for entertaining and sharing some wine and a meal.  3/5

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