Sunday, January 29, 2012

When We Were Strangers - Pamela Schoenewaldt

When We Were Strangers - Pamela Schoenewaldt (2011)

So this is only the third Kindle book I have got through, as I am  still plowing through real books.  But I have a confession, I now have over thirty books on the Kindle, and I am aching to read some of them.  It gets a bit addictive to look at my to be read list on Goodreads, see if the library has them and if not, see if  they are cheap on Amazon. I stood in bookshop last night, while waiting for one of my friends and wonder how many of them will survive.  One book was $36 that I had bought for my Kindle for $5, and another two new releases that were both $40, were under $10 US to buy.

This one I have hankered over for a while after reading lots of reviews in blogland.  Irma Vitale leaves her small mountain village in Italy to travel solo to America in the late 19th century.  With no English, and only her sewing skills to help her get a job, she finds it a strange and lonely place. 

From the long boat ride over, to New York, Cleveland, Chicago and finally San Francisco, I enjoyed following along with Irma.  She was a likeable hard working woman, and one had to admire the survival of these immigrant women who had to struggle to survive.  4/5

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Cottage Tails said...

I've wondered what it would be likt to read with a kindle. Do you like it over real books?

Love Leanne