Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spooks 8

Spooks 8 - DVD (2009)

A long weekend with cold and windy summer weather, was the perfect excuse for sitting on the couch and watching more Spooks.  I've liked the series, but it is a bit feeling a bit tired.  It was nice to see Ruth back, as Ruth and Harry is a good bit of repressed middle aged romance.

It was sad to see Jo go, as Ros always looks a bit constipated and is a bit busy running around in her leather jacket and dark eyeliner.  Matt is a bit of a nice spy, they do a good job of picking a nice boy with a few tattoos who has a bit of a bad streak.  So besides lots of time with the gang, the world is full of terrorists that love abducting and torturing, and in this series the CIA is a bit naughty too.

So only series 9 and 10 to go - yeah.  3/5

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