Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Perfect People - Peter James

Perfect People - Peter James (2011)

Here it is the first of my Kindle books read and finished - it only took me five weeks to do.  Kindle reading is not the primary source of my book addiction, as I have a large pile on my bedside table threatening to topple and crush me in my sleep.  I also can't bear to pay the money for a book, when I usually only buy a couple of year.  However it has been handy for picking up and reading slowly at work during my breaks, and while in town waiting for the friends to congregate.

Now to Perfect People -  I am a fan of Peter James, the past few years I have been reading the Roy Grace stories when they come out,  which are well paced and peppered with current pop references.

So in this one, he has ventured away from the norm, to give us a moral tale -  be careful of what you wish for.  Naomi and John are grieving the loss of their young son, when they decide to search out a genetic specialist to help them conceive a child without any major health issues.

I liked the idea, I think we fiddle with lots of things with our children and our health, but the long term effects may not be seen for years.  It did start a bit slow for me, and I much preferred the second half of the book when there was more happening.   I was left wondering if this was being written as an idea for a movie, it seemed to move at that pace, and to not have a big range of characters to overwelm the story.

I have to say that it was a 3/5 for me.

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