Monday, January 16, 2012

The Night Strangers - Chris Bohjalian

The Night Strangers - Chris Bohjalian (2011)

Chip is a pilot, who when the engines fail due to a bird strike tries to emulate the landing on the Hudson river.  Things don't go as planned, and so he relocates his family to a run down home in rural New Hampshire.

His twin daughters and wife try to help Chip settle in, but he finds himself haunted by three ghosts, and by the history of the mysterious house.  A group of locals, all try to assist the family, but do they have a plan of their own?  Depressed and confused, you could sense his pain.

I was on night shift call and felt myself being a bit spooked reading this in the middle of night and had to save it to read in the middle of the day in the sunlight.   4/5

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