Thursday, August 02, 2012

Cat Daddy - Jackson Galaxy

Cat Daddy - Jackson Galaxy (2012)

You get the gist, you've probably seen him on his tv series (I haven't, as I only have budget cheap tv).

 Jackson Galaxy had kind of lost his way in the world.  Addicted to pain relieving drugs, drinking and taking other drugs, suffering depression and living on the edge.  Taking a job at the shelter, after lying about previous experience, he finds himself drawn to the cats, and I admired his frank discussions about shelters and the euthanasia of so many cats and dogs who are abandoned, or unable to be rehomed.

After being fired from the shelter, he sets himself up as a cat therapists, and goes out to share his wisdom with people living with problem moggies.

Central to the story, is the tale of his own life with Benny, initially an injured foster cat who ends up living with him and ruling the roost.  I am a bit of a sucker for stories of living with elderly pets, and yes it did bring tears to my eyes at the end, so  bring your tissues.  4/5

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