Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Dreams of a Life

Dreams of a Life (2011)

On the day I went to see this I ummed and aaaahed over going to see this movie.  I had read about it in two different magazines, and was intrigued.  I was so glad that I took the time to go and watch.

Joyce Vincent was in her late thirties, and one night after getting the shopping, and wrapping christmas presents, she died in  the living room of her bedsit with the television on.  Her body then wasn't discovered til three years later, when unpaid bills finally forced authorities to come and push the door in.

In this documentry,  the film maker advertises on city cabs, in newspapers and on social media to find out more about her life and the people who new her.  Several groups of people come forward, and it is their stories that tell us more about this woman who died alone.  I found it touching that all of the people that had known her, were sad about her dying alone, and all would have reached out to help her, if they only knew.

So thought provoking, especially since I live alone.  I guess work would quickly figure out something was wrong if I didn't turn up, and my friends would worry after a week or two.  It was sad that Joyce had three sisters and although they spoke with the film maker they did not want to appear in the film.

Great to have such interesting stories told on film, and I loved being able to see the real faces of actual people rather than Hollywood botoxed Ken and Barbies on screen.   Sometimes you think that you have seen or read  it all, and that there are no new stories in the world left to surprise you.

4/5 - just because for me this is a memorable story.

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