Saturday, August 04, 2012

Dear TV3

Dear TV3,

How dare you tease us middle aged ladies so?  You have been putting our secret boyfriend, Kevin McCloud on the tele two nights a week, with his great show Grand Designs.  Do they both have to be repeats?  Truly, we have already seen these episodes, once or twice before.   It is not a gold medal win, we don't need to see it over and over, we know how the show will end.

We tolerate your many excursions into yoof culture, we may even excuse your repetitive movie marathons of the morons (Adam Sandler, Will Farell, + anything directed by two brothers) - only because we got out on those nights.

If you can't find us any new shows with our boyfriend, surely there are other shows being pumped out somewhere in the world?  We're only asking for an hour or two a week - pleeease.

Middle aged ladies across NZ.

1 comment:

Janet NZ said...

Kevin is YOUR boyfriend???
I agree though...
we have seen these programmes often enough that we are WORD PERFECT!
AND we pay serious money for this Sky TV shit!
I mean... REALLY!!!