Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Wish

I Wish (2011)

This is a little Japanese movie that was on the Film Festival here in Wellington recently.  Because the viewing time was at 10:30am that day, I may have chosen to have a little sleep in rather than get up in the cold and head into town.

Instead I went to watch it with my friends after a yummy dinner of Rissotto and Brown sugar pavlova (yum).   At first I was a little confused by the story.  Essentially it is about two young brothers whose parents have split.  One lives with his mother and grandparents who run a little local cafe, and the other who lives with his father who is a singer in a band.  Both brothers enjoy their friends and swimming and speak to each other on the phone all the time.

The second half of the movie did make me smile, as both brothers and their friends decide to meet up and have an adventure together.  They have heard that at the point when two trains pass each other, if they make a wish it will come true.  So this is what they set off to see.

I did enjoy the thought of young kids having an adventure without parents being there the whole time, and I wonder if it could happen here in NZ, the UK or US?  I never got to do anything quite as exciting but by the time I was ten I did a lot of plane trips and bus rides by myself.


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