Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Angels' Share

The Angels' Share (2012)

As always director Ken Loach gives a taste of real UK life, one where people don't live in Georgian mansions, dress in Gucci and drive Bentleys.  We can tell that these folk live on Council Estates and eat beans on toast (yum -  me too).

A gaggle of folks find themselves in court on various charges and are sent to do community work.  Four of them form a friendship and bond after a visit to a whiskey distillery.  They then hatch a plan to make them some money and change their lives.

Enough said, I don't want to give it all away.  I was surprised when I downloaded the poster, as I don't think it is even close to the Full Monty.  The beginning of the movie is a bit realistic and grim, but it's charm came in the second half and the audience laughed and cheered.  They also commented a bit about the groups visit to Edinburgh, as I would think that maybe 80% of the New Zealand audience knew more about Edinburgh than one of the Glaswegian characters.

A worthy watch - 4/5

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