Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Heart London - Lindsey Kelk

I Heart London - Lindsey Kelk (2012)

So this is book five of a series, but like a lot of chick lit it can stand alone.  I have to admit to not having read any of the earlier ones, but seeing it was the Olympics, I had a taste for reading something easy about London.

Angela Clark has made a new life for herself in New York, and is in the process of trying to secure the publication of her new magazine.  Deciding to return to London for her mothers birthday, she decides the time is right to introduce her  rocker fiancé and new friends to her parents and old friends.

While there, her mother suggests that they use the time to have their wedding, so much chick lit cliché mini disasters ensue.  I did enjoy some of the pop culture references, but it didn't have enough London references for me, and I sometimes wonder if I am not too old to enjoy such books.  I guess too, that they are designed to be read on your beach lounger in the Spanish sunshine.  3/5

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