Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Woman Who Heard Color - Kelly Jones

The Woman Who Heard Color - Kelly Jones (2011)

I was impressed by the local Wellington Library.  I put this book in as a request to buy, and then within a month it was on the shelf waiting for me, and boy I do like me a brand new book to read.

I like a bit of historical second world war drama to read, and this was the basis of the story.  Lauren O'Farrell is an art detective, who is invited into the home of eighty two year old Isabella Fletcher to help find out about Isabellas mothers past.

Her mother as a teenager, leaves the family farm to go to Munich to see her sister.  Given a job in the household where her sister works, she becomes involved with the art world, and as her story unfolds we learn her secrets.

I did enjoy most of the story, but somehow in the middle I was left feeling like something was missing.  Maybe it was needing to know a bit more about Laurens story, or about other lost paintings.  For that I give it a 3/5

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