Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Sacred Thread - Adrienne Arieff

The Sacred Thread - Adrienne Arieff (2012)

Adrienne is in her thirties and has been trying to conceive.  With fibroid tumours she has been unfortunate and had several miscarriages, leaving her and her husband distraught and wondering if they will ever be parents.

They discover Dr  Nayna Patels fertility and surrogacy service in rural India, and this is where Adrienne travels to in an attempt to find a surrogate for her baby.

It was an interesting memoir, and I felt that she dealt with the moral and ethical issues fairly.  For the young mother who became Adriennes surrogate, the money she earnt was equivalent to ten years of her husbands salary.  One has to hope that this money would be able to provide opportunities for her and her family, but it does make you think about rich westerners exploiting third world woman.  It did seem however, that the clinic was run well with a hostel type environment for the expectant mothers with  good nutrition, medical advice and education.

I was touched by this little book, both by the story of becoming a mother and the time spent in rural India.  4/5

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