Monday, August 13, 2012

Worth Fighting For - Lisa Niemi Swayze

Worth Fighting For - Lisa Niemi Swayze (2012)

I stood in the bookshop last week, and glanced through the back of this book, which was making me teary.  Rather than let my mascara pour off in the shop, I reserved this book at the library.  I picked it up on Friday afternoon, and had it finished by the next day.

This is Lisas story of her life and marriage with Patrick Swayze, with their good and bad times.  It mainly focuses on the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, and his treatments and ultimate death.  Written soon after his passing this book is full of raw emotion, and I could sense the love between them and their shared 34 year marriage.

Reading this book also describes the confusing role of the caregiver in a patient with a terminal illness, and the shortcomings of the medical profession in giving support and guidance in end of life care.

A very touching 4/5

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