Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Second Empress

The Second Empress - Michelle Moran (2012)

So, with a few days off and cold winter weather,  I managed to get a few books read.   I love Michelle Moran, she is a great historical author, whose writing flows and can take me away straight away to another place and time.

In this movie we get to hear about Austrian Princess Marie-Louise, who at age nineteen is chosen to become the second wife to Emperor Napoleon, who wants to have children.  Taken to Paris, she is now immersed in a new world with an emperor who becomes obsessed with spreading his Empire, causing unrest in France as hundreds of thousands of soldiers are killed.

I did enjoy the book, and was more taken with the Emperesses story,  but was a little distracted by the multiple narrators and by Napoleons letters to his first wife, that were printed throughout the book.


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