Thursday, August 02, 2012


Rampart (2011)

Oh Angst movie, I was waiting for you to arrive. There has been too much laughter lately, time to get serious again.

 We get to meet Dave Brown, a police officer in 1999 LA, who is wound up, and his old school ways aren't cutting it anymore.  He's one of those blokes who always thinks he is right,in his morals, in his job, his marriage, his children and all aspects of his life.

Things begin to unravel though, after he is taped beating a guy who crashes into his car, and he finds himself trying to hold his life together.

I did wonder if guys like Dave, watching this movie, could see themselves in this character and understand why others get annoyed with them.  Somehow I would think that he was weak, that he just got caught.

A bit of a challenge to watch.  3/5

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