Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hitler, My Neighbor - Edgar Feuchtwanger

The author of this book grew up as a child of a wealthy German Jewish family,  in an expensive apartment in Munich Germany, across the road from Adolf Hitler.  He recalls his childhood and the times he saw his infamous neighbor.

It is quite the story to tell, but it felt a bit manufactured to me.  I certainly can't remember discussions from when I was six years old in such detail.  In such a scary time to be Jewish, the family were lucky to be able to survive intact when so many around them perished.  I would have liked to have known more about the people that surrounded their family at the time. 2/5


John Bellen said...

Yes, I often wonder about such 'reconstructed' conversations. I've read a few books that state openly that such conversations are written 'to the best of the author's memory' but I suspect these were more fanciful creations.

sallyhicks said...

I can quite honestly say I can remember many conversations from the age of 3. Both later at school and university I could hear th lecturer in my head as I wrote my answers. A great help there. I believe that we all have different gifts eg. photographic memory mine just happens to be hearing.