Saturday, April 07, 2018

Middle Aged Movie Night - The Boss

Holy moly this is one mess of a movie.  I like Melissa McCarthy usually but this is almost unwatchable.  It seems full of cheap gags and trying to be edgy by having mums swear and fight, but it is seems forced.

Melissa's character was a motivational speaker who after embezzlement charges goes to prison.  On her release she finds herself homeless, and goes to her ex employees home.  She then hatches a plan to sell cookies to rival the local guide troop.  Cue the fighting and cursing.

I did spend most of the time wondering why the main character had to have turtle neck jumpers worn up to her ears  - so not flattering.

So a mediocre 1/5 from me.


John Bellen said...

McCarthy seems to speclialise now in unpleasant characters who have no sense of right or wrong. I suppose that can be funny now and then, but making a career of it is probabaly a mistake. And the film seems bad in other respects, to judge by your review. Yikes!

sallyhicks said...

Thank you for letting us know what not to watch,