Monday, April 30, 2018

Music Monday - The Sound of Music - Crosswalk the Musical

It is a bit of a dreary Monday here, with a cool Southerly blowing about outside.  Luckily there were some tasty leftovers for dinner, so time to relax this evening.  I thought I would show this Crosswalk Musical - The Sound of Music which made me smile.  I have a soft spot for the sound of music.  I grew up knowing one of my aunties had seen it at the cinema over 17 times.  I am not that big a fan, although I realize that now I am older, I probably have seen it that many times.

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sallyhicks said...

I call that dedication on your aunts behalf. I saw it twice but then overuse on the radio rather put me off it. Perhaps it is time to see it again...or not. In reflection I don’t think I could stand to listen to ‘do a deer a female deer’ ever again. Sorry. Around that time I watched Ryan’s daughter’ I now have the DVD of that and so loved the beauty of Ireland. My cousin on a year off went to a pub in those cliffs area and babysat the pbs children while her friend cooked. They loved it so much they stayed a year. 🤩