Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Hanged Man - Simon Kernick

My feelings about this book are quite complex.  Part of me enjoys a thriller, where there is danger all around, as the killers may strike at any time.  This is part 2 of The Bone Field series, where we meet DI Ray Mason on the hunt for the killers of 7 young women brutally murdered.  The other part of me dislikes stories where women are hunted and treated as victims, I don't enjoy the violence, and books that give me the feeling that the series may drag on and we may be subjected to many more stories that repeat the same plot over and over for years to come.  The saving grace is that I find the author quite readable and able to keep up an even pace, keeping me wanting to return to the story and I get the feeling that we may be coming to the conclusion to this particular group of nasty criminals. 3/5


John Bellen said...
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John Bellen said...

I don't really care for serial killer stories. I find them repetitive. But your review is a valid one. Sometimes the author makes the difference.