Sunday, April 29, 2018

Into the Gray Zone - Adrian Owen

This is a fascinating book written about neuroscientist Adrian Owen, who works with patients in vegetative states.  His search is to find out if these patients are aware?  Are they trapped in bodies that won't work, but still know who they are and what is happening to them?  For the past couple of decades he has documented his research and tells us about a few of his most memorable patients.  Using new pet scanning and functional MRI techniques, he is able to reach some patients, to find that although they can no longer get their bodies to function, some are able to communicate.

Interesting and amazing stuff to find out what these clever clinicians are working on, and what the future may hold for medical knowledge. 4/5


sallyhicks said...

What a terrible thing if they are aware in those trapped bodies. That is what nightmares are made. Of

John Bellen said...

I agree with Sally: being trapped so that no one knows you are aware and thinking would be terrible indeed. I am glad some research is being made in this field.