Saturday, April 21, 2018

Voyage Of Time

This one was on a 99c special on Apple ITunes, so I added it to the list.  I thought it might be a nice soothing watch about the beginning of life on earth before I had to head off to my shift today.  So once a few chores were done, I heated up my lunch and sat down to watch.  There were some dreamy beautiful sequences showing earth and the cosmos, but I was somewhat annoyed with the footage of mentally ill street people pushing each other about, annoyed with Cate Blanchett narrating with such a plummy accent and then 20 or so minutes in there was a scene of cattle being slaughted outside a temple I think, anyway all the blood and distressed animals was enough to make me turn the movie off.  So I don't know how it ends.  0/5


Et in arcadia ego said...

Quite a pity as this is a tribute to the suffering of all Souls in this World.
By watching at the rest of the film, you would have seen how well injustice and suffering fits in a bigger Scheme, as this is a philosophical film.

John Bellen said...

They could have offered some explanation or point to begin with. It doesn't sound like it was well conceived.

sallyhicks said...

Sounds most unpleasant. Bad luck.