Friday, April 13, 2018

Home Again

I hadn't heard about this movie until it popped up on itunes as being a recent hit.  I like Reece Witherspoon, she is smart and cute and I like that an actress over 40 is still getting roles.  She comes across as bright, smart and educated in any interview that I have seen with her, and I love that she has her own book club, and produces the sort of movies that Hollywood ignores but celebrate women's stories.

In this movie she plays a 40 year old mother of two, who after becoming separated from husband returns to her fathers old home in LA.  Out celebrating her birthday she meets three charming and handsome young men who are penniless, but trying to survive in Hollywood and make their own movie.  So they move into the guest room and  lots of uncomfortable situations ensue.

While I enjoyed some elements about this movie - it had potential but somehow missed the mark.  To me it seemed a bit forced and relied a little too much on Reeces charms , and also was a little confused with it seemingly trying to be a drama and a comedy without really mastering either.  I am always slightly amused when we are expected to feel for the main character who is portrayed to be a little down on their luck, yet like Reece they drive a nice car, live in a million dollar plus home and seem to not actually hold down a real job.  Then the 3 boys trying to get their movie made don't have any sort of job, when you would be expecting them to at least be tending bar or selling shoes to make a buck.

A nice little watch but more suited for Sunday afternoon than Saturday night.  3/5


sallyhicks said...

Sounds like a case on Rob Kindler -the more sensible of judge Judy. Not my cup of tea.

John Bellen said...

It sounds like a tired idea for a sit-come, the kind that is predictable and doesn't last a whole season. That's too bad, because Witherspoon could probably do much better.