Saturday, April 14, 2018

Lost in Paris

What  a nice day I had, with lots of sunshine and jobs were conquered around the house. Washing on the line, carpets hoovered and things tidied up.  So there was time to head out and meet a besties for pulled pork tacos and fries.  Then we went to the cinema to see Lost in Paris.  It was my choice, and it did amuse us to look around and realize that we were the youngest in the theatre. 

Written, co-produced and directed by the two main characters in the movie, it tells the story of Canadian librarian Fiona who travels to Paris to track down her elderly aunt Martha.  There after a few mishaps she meets homeless man Cam and he helps join in the search.  There were funny moments, but maybe a bit too slapstick/Mr Bean type elements for me.  I think the older audience were quite confused by this movie and I don't know if anyone will be rushing to see it again.  2/5

We did enjoy the trailers leading up to this movie - they looked great!!

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John Bellen said...

It sounds a bit self-indulgent (on the part of the actors/writers). That can be a danger with independent films, as much as I like them.